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Target Systems

Mancom has built a solid reputation for manufacturing, installing and maintaining the most reliable and innovative live-firearms training solutions in the industry. Our target solutions are installed in ranges across North America and have an unparalleled reputation for reliability and functionality.

Our Touch Plus ™ Master Controller uses touch screen technology to control your target retrieval/pop-up/running-man/swing-out/portable and static turning target systems. The Master Controller can also operate your intercom, safety beams, lights, digital audio, range lighting and HVAC equipment. This fast responding easy to use touch screen technology eliminates the need for a personnel computer, therefore eliminating the possibility of computer crashes, disk and mouse failures, viruses and the expense of technical support.

The power of our Touch Plus ™ Master Controller allows you to program up to 100 training scenarios that can be used across the entire range or at specified shooting locations. Our Touch Plus ™ Local Controller adds additional functionality by providing the range master with the ability to allow each individual shooter to select their own training scenarios. For even greater flexibility we have introduced a hand held remote control unit that can be used to activate our target systems.

Mancom also supplies a wide range of optional equipment, such as shooting booths, intercom systems, safety beams, range lighting, range lighting controls, digital audio and video monitoring systems.

On top of helping you select the best target solution for your training requirements, Mancom's qualified consultants can assist you with selecting an architect, recommending construction firms, selecting the right bullet trap, and recommending the best HVAC system that ensures your people are training in a comfortable lead free environment.

Contact Us today so we can help you design and install a modern, reliable and trouble free range.

Toll Free 1-888-762-6266 | Mancom Live Firearms Training Systems
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