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Pop Up Targets

The TouchPlus ™ Pop-up Target System is designed to operate in a fixed or portable position. It can be floor, overhead or wall mounted. The TouchPlus ™ Pop-up Target System is popular in tactical and tubular range environments where targets can pop-up from behind seats, couches or floor to simulate hostage taking environments.

The TouchPlus ™ Pop-up Target System incorporates an air actuator that allows the target to quickly pop-up or down 90° at variable speeds. The sturdy yet easy to operate spring-loaded clamp ensures the target stays firmly in place as it quickly moves in and out of view. The entire mechanism used to activate the target is completely housed in a steel enclosure protecting the unit from debris. The overall assembly is protected by a shield of AR500 steel. The TouchPlus ™ Pop-up Target System can be activated by using the Master Controller and/or the wireless remote controller.

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