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Pneumatic (Air) Driven Target Systems

The Touch Plus ™ Pneumatic Fixed Turning Target Systems are designed to be fixed to a cement base protected by a knee wall or mounted laterally overhead behind a ceiling baffle at the target line. This type of target system is popular in indoor and outdoor ranges where tactical training is performed.

The Fixed Turning Target Carriers are fitted with a Quickload™ target clamp. The target stand is solid steel construction with 1/4" AR500 ballistic steel for the front shield. The Fixed Lateral Air 90° Turning Target Unit can be suspended from the ceiling behind a protective barrier/baffle or floor mounted behind a bullet proof barrier.

The target mechanism is designed to operate reliably in both indoor and outdoor range environments. There is a winterizing option available for systems exposed to cold and inclement weather with a quick disconnects for the air supply line and/or the control wiring, which is contained within a protective 11-gauge steel trough. The system can be operated from a Master Control Screen and is capable of supporting multiple targets. The targets are controlled by electric signals with an air actuator providing the turning force. The turning mechanism provides rapid 90° rotation of the target.

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